4 Best Seller Lazy Susan Spice Rack From Target


A lazy susan spice rack can take on many forms. It is usually found in the kitchen. Any type of hand turned platform can be called a lazy susan. A unique type is a lazy susan spice rack. You can take a small space and utilize it to hold many different spices.

You can have a lazy susan spice rack in your cabinets or you can buy a standalone rack. As you can see from the pictures above, you can get a rack that will hold different sizes. Some people just use a regular lazy susan so they can put different size jars and cans on the racks and not be limited to putting their spices in the same size containers.


Lazy Susan Spice Rack

If you have a cabinet that is not used much because it is hard to reach the back, that is a good place to put a lazy susan turntable that can be used to hold spices. You can get a two or three tiered turntable to hold all your spices.

Most standalone spice racks come with the containers. You can fill or refill them with the spices you already have. You can also buy a lazy susan spice rack that already comes with the spices.

Here are lazy susan spice rack from Target:

$24.99 Lipper International 10in Bamboo 2-Tier Turntable

$9.99 Lipper International Bamboo Turntable (10″)

$14.99 YouCopia Crazy Susan® 11″ Turntable for Cabinets

$19.49 OXO Softworks 16″ Turn Table

Kitchen accessories can change the look of your kitchen. A lazy susan spice rack can be a welcome addition to your kitchen countertop. It is colorful and practical. Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store & online. Visit official website Target.com for more price match guarantee and how a store is chosen for you. Always check Target weekly ad here for more saving this week!